Girly Granny

This was a very impulsive buy with the thought of 'Will I ever wear this? Ain't that too cute?'. Look at the frills and the flower pattern, just couldn't resist it. Feeling very girly and granny at the same time, and I'm actually loving it very much. As my style is very black and pretty simple, it's cool to play a bit more with playful pieces.

Blouse— H&M, Skirt— vintage, Chelsea boots— Urban Outfitters, Glasses—Ace & Tate

ruffles, frills, girly, fashion, doris dave
Christmas vacation has ended and honestly it didn't feel like a vacation at all. I was sick, worked for school and thought about my master assignment all the time. (But hey, let's be positive) Because my second semester at school is almost in sight, I thought to change my blogging schedule. Maybe every other day, no weekends, or just whenever I feel like. Trying to figure it out what's best. Anyway, signing off, I'll get myself a hot coco and going to watch some youtube vids from Arden Rose! Discovered this gem recently and I'm obsessed with her talks and humor. Go check her out! Bye!

ruffles, frills, girly, fashion, doris dave